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Great Award of Excellence in Architecture, Ordre des architectes du Québec, 1990
Award of Excellence in Architecture, category : Interior Design, Ordre des architectes du Québec, 1990

This complex comprises two independent but connected buildings: the J.-A.-De Sève pavilion houses research and teaching rooms, while the La Laurentienne pavilion is a continuing education centre open to the general public. Although both buildings were built simultaneously, they are managed by different teams and run with separated budgets.
The J.-A.-De Sève pavilion, housing offices, conference rooms, classes and a cafeteria, is organized in two volumes along a four-storey interior atrium which brings zenith light to the heart of the building, all the way to the underground cafeteria. The atrium is also the link to the La Laurentienne pavilion, although it is of a smaller scale in that building to adjust to its activities and to the different height. Along this interior street are placed the conference rooms and the restaurant which opens on a courtyard where sculptor Pierre Granche built a land art installation.
Each pavilion serving different users, their organization and architectural treatment had to differ while also being integrated into a 12 000 m2 complex. They also had to create a homogeneous quadrangle with the neighbouring Palasis-Prince pavilion. Volumes, size and exterior materials contributed to this integration. The complex is clad in large parts with Saint-Marc stone with some contemporary aluminium elements. The atrium’s classic architectural treatment is also in harmony with the exterior treatment. The new pavilions use the campus’ older buildings’ vocabulary to create a transition its architectural landscape.